Bulletproof Rise of the Burble-Snouts

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A surprisingly sessionable Export Dortmunder sitting at a generous 5.2%. This Malt-Forward Lager perfectly balances the sweetness of a Helles with a Medium Hop Character. Alongside Toasted Brioche flavours, the Hallertau Blanc Hops brings light notes of Lemon Grass and Gooseberry.

A perfect Summer Lager.

Burble-Snouts Assemble!

The Story of the Burble Snouts

They live in Devon, and they have a large snout (a bit like an elephant). They have a body a bit like an armadillo. Here’s the thing, they can smell “beer magic”. So are ideal in the making of beer. They don’t actually drink beer, so are preferable to Devon Pixies (these are actually a thing) as you actually have beer at the end of the process. They love macaroons, which is what they are paid.

Their bodies are amazingly tough. In fact (as you might already be guessing) they are Bulletproof