Find & Foster Pendragon Pet Nat 2019

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Polly Hilton set up Find & Foster to revive neglected traditional apple orchards in Devon, helping preserve wildlife & biodiversity, and to protect old local apple varieties from extinction. Her ciders are a true expression of these unique varietals and the terroir in these orchards.

For the Pendragon blend Polly wanted to capture the wonderful aromatic qualities of the Pendragon apple variety. The apples were mascerated with their skins in the fresh pressed juice and punched down every few days to extract flavour. The cider was then bottled just before fermentation was finished to create a natural fizz. The result is a very fresh, delicately aromatic cider that is dry & mineral but fruity.

Pure, fruity pet nat cider with subtle apricot & blossom aromas from wild fermentation on the skins of the rare Pendragon apple. Lightly sparkling & dry.

Zero added sulphite.