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Legend has it that Countess Matilda of Tuscany lost her gold ring in a local lake and pledged that if it were restored to her she would thank God by building an abbey. The ring was brought to the surface by a trout and the abbey is at that very spot.

Orval is a world-class Belgian Trappist pale ale. Famous for its beautiful "Belgian lace" left on the glass from its huge head, this orangey-amber coloured ale is as complex as they come. It's smooth yet crisp, tart yet dry. It carries with it flavours of lemon rind, freshly-cut hay, notes of spice and aromas of flowers and lemon. Whether you adore Belgian ales or are just starting to explore them, Orval is sure to go down a treat!

Orval Brewery is located within the confines of the Abbey at Orval. While there was probably always a brewery at this monastery of Cicstercian monks, the brewery in its current form was founded in 1931 in order to finance restoration works at Orval. Orval is now one of only 10 breweries in the world permitted to place the "Authentic Trappist Product" label on its beer.