Resurrection Rum White Edition

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Rich, voluptuous and complex, Resurrection Rum Infused with Spice - White Edition is double distilled in the Surrey Hills made from Guyanese molasses and infused with tonka beans, vanilla, coconut, ginger and allspice.Nose: Raisins and biscuits.
Palate: Voluptuous, complex, rich and smooth.  Speculoos biscuits and raisins.
Finish : a light touch of pepper.
The White Edition is an opulent white spiced rum, which can be sipped neat or added to cocktails to impart a rich complexity without dulling the colour. It’s ideal in our signature White Squirrel cocktail, a daquiri or simply with ginger beer or cola.The inspiration for the name Resurrection comes from a famous local albino squirrel who passed away in 2009 after being run over by a postman. Albi the squirrel's death shook the world, even featuring on Fox news. A shrine was made in the churchyard grounds where he played. Now eleven years on, the shrine has gone and sightings of a mystereous albino squirrel have  been reported.